The Hedge’s Discharge – won the top match

The goals took until the second half. First, Marika Bergman gave Lundin Häcken the lead. The midfielder launched a shot from 25 meters and the ball found its way all the way to the far end, behind a chanceless Cajsa Andersson in the Linköping goal. Minutes later Julie Blakstad made it 2–0 from close range before Clarissa Larisey settled the final score when she coolly rolled in 3–0.

Otherwise, it was a goal for Häcken – at least in the first half. The home team got off to a flying start in Friday’s summit meeting against table five Linköping by hitting the crossbar twice again, first through Anna Anvegård and then Julie Blakstad. And when Rosa Kafaji’s finish also went off the post, many frustrated Häcken players ran into the dressing room after 45 goalless minutes.

– We hope that it will be a post in the second half, stated Elin Rubensson briefly and concisely in Viaplay.

And very true it was. The second half was the exact opposite of the first and the goals rattled in for the home team, who were able to win 3–0 in the end and take the step as league leaders, two points down to Piteå, who have played one less game.

In tonight’s parallel match, Kristianstad defeated Djurgården 4–1 after a couple of dream minutes at the end of the first half. Tabby Tindell broke the deadlock in the 45th minute and a minute later Evelyne Viens made it 2-0. Djurgården got a reduction in the second half through Flavine Mawete but it didn’t help much.

Viens made it two goals as she made it 3–1 before Hlín Eiríksdóttir got on the scoresheet with the fourth goal.