The heat is creeping in – but beware of slipping

The yellow warning for icy conditions has been issued for large parts of Västernorrland County and the northernmost parts of Jämtland County.

– We have a new frontal system moving northeast across the country. Where the warning applies, there is a risk that the rain may be freezing. When it comes into contact with cold roads, it can cause ice to slip, says Christopher Greenland, meteorologist at SMHI.

The warning applies from the night until ten on Sunday morning.

Mild for the season

In addition to the new frontal system, which is moving further to the northeast, it will be warmer. Especially in the southern half of the country.

– Very mild air for the season will advance north over the country. It will be the warmest in southern Sweden and in Götaland we get around 15 degrees in several places. In eastern Småland, it looks like it will be even warmer, 17–18 degrees, says Greenland.

At the same time, he adds, rain may also pass in the south.

This much milder air will remain through the beginning of next week.

In northernmost Norrland, freezing temperatures and snowfall are expected.