The Green Party has chosen Amanda Lind as its new female spokesperson

Three candidates wanted to take over from Märta Stenevi: Amanda Lind, Janine Alm Ericson and Annika Hirvonen.

The final vote took place on Sunday, in connection with an extra, digital party congress – and Amanda Lind, who three weeks ago was presented as spokesperson candidate by the Green Party’s national election committee, was elected.

She thanks her party colleagues for the trust.

– I am so incredibly happy, proud and honored to now be called your mouthpiece.

– We must show that there is a future where values ​​such as solidarity, community and equality are embedded in the very heart of society.

Out of a total of 252 votes, there were 4 who voted no and 2 who voted blankly.

Amanda Lind further says that “Sweden has become a country torn apart” by economic gaps and inequality, and that more hope is needed in politics – something she believes that the “Tidöregeringen” does not instill.

– I see that we have to get better at showing how our society on the other side of climate change becomes a better society to live in. We must not get stuck in the description of the problem, we have to get better at showing exactly our visions. The green and fair transition, it is the great social transformation of our time, and it is we in the Green Party who must lead it.

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Now many hope that she can reverse the negative trend for the Green Party – but who is Amanda Lind? Find out in the video. Photo: Duygu Getiren/TT