The grab handle was not created to hold on when cornering

The grab handle was not created to hold on when

As a passenger, we all tend to hold on to the handle above the window, at the slightest turn or every stroke of the accelerator. But initially, this handle was not at all designed for the most fearful.

When you get in a car with someone but you don’t drive the vehicle, you usually feel a little fearful, since you are not in control of the situation. Especially if your driver drives a little sportily and takes sharp turns. If he seems confident and assures you that he is handling the situation and that “everything is working”, you tend to grab onto the grab handle located just above the window, as if it will help you. save the life. Don’t worry, the seat belt is normally enough to hold you back when braking. And then, initially, this handle located inside the passenger compartment was designed for a completely different reason.

So what is this grab handle really for? Because it is also not a handle intended to hang your shirts, dresses or suits before a meeting, even if some models have a small hook which makes it easier to install a hanger. Basically, the grab handle was created to make it easier for passengers and the driver to enter and exit the vehicle. It is particularly useful in cars with a low ceiling or three-door models. And in certain situations, you have to admit that you sometimes have to bend over backwards to get out of the cabin. We also understand that it is particularly useful for the elderly or disabled, in particular to facilitate the transfer between the chair and the car.

This primary functionality is therefore that of the grab handle, but by dint of using it to hold on, as its name suggests, many people did not use it in the right way. To make entering or exiting the car even easier, you should know that there are wider grab handles, in the form of a strap, which make it easier to hold on. They are also removable for people who need to change places or cars.