The government’s goal to build charging stations in sparsely populated areas fails

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The Swedish Transport Administration’s expansion of fast charging stations in Norrland’s sparsely populated areas is going slower than expected. Still, nearly every third designated white spot has not received a fast charger, shows TV4 Nyheternas’ review.

Seven miles outside Kiruna is the village of Nikkaluokta. Only about 20 people live here, but since the village is at the foot of Kebnekaise, the visitors are all the more.

For those who get here by electric car, it can be difficult. Because it is not possible to charge the car here.

– Just over a year ago, we had a Tesla owner who came out and we could not offer charging. So they had to take a salvager from Kiruna, says Erik Sarri, mountain entrepreneur Nikkaluokta.

Just over 2 years ago, the then government decided that the white spots on the map should go away. The Swedish Transport Administration received SEK 150 million, which was to be invested in fast charging stations in sparsely populated areas.

The government is flagging for new investments shortly.

– If we are to cope with climate change, ordinary people must have the opportunity to exchange their fossil-fueled car for an electric car, then the charging stations are a completely fundamental part of that. And then it is connected to the electricity grid, so it will be a priority issue when we review how it works today, says Ebba Bush, Minister of Energy.

In the player: Therefore, it is not possible to build fast chargers in Nikkaloukta and other places in Norrland