The government will finance complex fiber optic connections

The government will finance complex fiber optic connections

We finally know what the remaining 150 million euros will be used for in the 570 million envelope granted by the State for optical fiber last January. The Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O has decided to devote them to connections “Complex” in the RIPs (Public Initiative Networks in Rural Areas). This sum is financed by the Recovery Plan.

The aim will be to make civil engineering work possible in the RIPs already supported by the State. According to Bercy, 10% of the premises would be difficult to connect in these territories. The funds will be allocated according to a call for projects procedure which will be launched before the end of the first quarter of 2022.

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100% of French households really fiber?

The government still promises optical fiber for all French households by 2025. However, during the Avicca (Association of Cities and Communities for Electronic Communications and Audiovisual) conference at the end of last week , elected officials and operator agreed on the fact that it would not be possible to reach exactly 100%.

“It’s an image, it’s not mathematical. This is an optimal ambition ”, declared Nicolas Guérin, general secretary of Orange. So, what is the percentage of the population that will not benefit from the FttH? 1.2 or 3%? The question remains unanswered for the moment.