the government unveils the outlines of the upcoming national dialogue

the government unveils the outlines of the upcoming national dialogue

The national dialogue between the government and the various political and civil society actors in the country, announced by President Macky Sall last month, will open on May 30 in a tense political climate and nine months before the presidential election.

With our correspondent in Dakar,Thea Olivier

The national dialogue should last “ two weeks – maximum “. A dialogue open to all, whether political parties or civil society organisations. ” It will not be just an electoral dialogue “, specifies Yoro Dia, spokesman for the presidency, as he opens less than nine months before the presidential election of February 25, 2024.

If the terms of reference are not yet known, Abdou Karim Fofana, minister spokesperson for the government, explains that everyone is free to come up with the points of discussion that interest them. On the side of power could for example be mentioned “ the excessive use of social networks, the tendency to discredit institutions or the call for violence. »

On the opposition side, a large majority of political actors like Ousmane Sonko, Aminata Touré or Déthié Fall, have already refused to participate. The Senegalese Democratic Party, the PDS of former President Abdoulaye Wade, accepted, on condition that a contradictory audit of the electoral register be carried out.

A national dialogue had already been initiated in 2019 after the re-election of Macky Sall and had resulted more than two years later in a modification of the electoral code.