The girls went to town with sharp hand grenades

The girls went to town with sharp hand grenades
Took the subway and had coffee – with the grenades in a box



The two girls, aged 14 and 15, walk around central Stockholm with a turquoise bag from the Normal store chain.

They look like two friends who are out shopping.

But it’s not makeup they have in their bag. They carry six live grenades.

Through images from surveillance cameras, the police have mapped the journey of the two girls.

– On the surveillance footage, you can see that they walk around town, go and have a coffee and ride the subway, says prosecutor Jonas Nygren to the podcast Aftonbladet Krim.


full screen The 15-year-old gets on the bus, Photo: Police

Just before three o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday 12 August last year, a 15-year-old girl gets on an SL bus north of Stockholm. She carries the Normal case with the hand grenades.

At Kista mall, she meets her 14-year-old friend. The girls go into the mall together. The 15-year-old carries the bag with the grenades.


full screen The girls enter the subway in Kista. Photo: The police

At half past five the girls go to the subway. There are a lot of people on the platform, including several small children who are standing close to the girls.

They take the subway to Husby. The 15-year-old carries the bag with the grenades. They follow the flow of people and go up the escalators. There are a lot of people around them, including a pram.

The girls walk around Husby. They walk past Ica before sitting down for a while. They drink energy drinks and one of the girls smokes a cigarette.


full screen When the girls walk around Husby, the 14-year-old holds the bag for a while, she seems to feel the weight. Then she hands it back to the 15-year-old. Photo: The police

Shortly after five o’clock they go back to the subway. When they get off at the T-central at 5.40 p.m., the platform is thick with people.


full screen The girls in the crowd at the T-centre. The police have marked them with a red box. Photo: The police

The girls go out towards Sergel’s square and make their way through the sea of ​​people on Drottninggatan towards Gamla stan.


full screen The girls walk on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm. The police have marked them with a red box. Photo: The police

They seem to be moving aimlessly in the City for a while. At 6 p.m., they sit down and have coffee at Espresso House on Vasagatan 1.

The 14-year-old takes several pictures at the cafe. The police take them to mean that she wants to show off the Normal bag, as it is visible in almost every picture.


full screen The girls have coffee. The normal bag with the hand grenades is on the floor under the table. Photo: The police

At 18.28 the girls are back at the T-centre, now it is the 14-year-old who carries the bag.

In Kista she leaves. Now she is alone and carrying the bag. Then she goes back to the T-centre.


full screen The 14-year-old enters the subway station in Kista, now she is alone and carrying the Normal box. Photo: The police

At 19.16 the 14-year-old comes to the T-centre. Then she gets home by bus and commuter train.

The next day, her mother finds the six live hand grenades in her 14-year-old daughter’s bedside table. The shocked mother calls the police.


fullscreen The Normal bag with the grenades was in a box in the 14-year-old’s bedside table. Photo: The police

The older of the girls, the 15-year-old, was recently sentenced to eight months of closed youth care for particularly serious violations of the Act on Flammable and Explosive Goods.

The 14-year-old is too young to be sentenced.

Prosecutor Jonas Nygren tells the podcast Aftonbladet Krim that the handling of grenades indicates that the girls acted on behalf of a criminal group. However, the investigation has not been able to show who is behind it.


fullscreen One of the grenades in the bag. Photo: The police