The giant sawing of the profile of the SHL top club – condemns the icon tribute completely: “Deserves better than that…”

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Skellefteå hoisted Jimmie Ericsson’s jersey.
But the tribute is now being blown away by the profile Robin Figren.

– He deserves better, he says in the podcast Släpp Sargen.

A player has rarely been as worthy of a shirt lifting as Jimmie Ericsson was in Skellefteå. The 42-year-old played an incredible 812 games for the club, where he was also involved in six SC finals and two SC golds. Skellefteå had never hoisted a shirt before, but last Saturday it was time.

Saw the tribute

Jimmie Ericsson stepped onto the ice before Saturday’s SHL premiere against Malmö, and to the cheers of the crowd, he had to lift his shirt, with number 21, up to the ceiling. Several profiles paid tribute to Ericsson with the help of video greetings, but on social media supporters – mainly of other SHL teams – were not very impressed. The reactions have been strong regarding the fact that the tribute may not have been as powerful as many had thought.

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220917 Jimmie Ericsson before the peeing of his flag before the SHL ice hockey match between Skellefteå and Malmö Redhawks on September 17, 2022 in Skellefteå. Photo: Ola Westerberg / BILDBYRÅN

And one who agrees with that is Robin Figren. The former SHL profile, who recently ended his career, says in the Släpp Sargen podcast that it “went wrong”.

– I’m weak for shirt lifting and such, but this was damn not good. I have to be honest and say that. There was so much that was too little. There were too few video greetings, there were too few speeches on the ice. Then you do this by hanging up the shirt… I saw that you got a proper “banner” up later, but that now you just put it up with a hanger and a tired string…, he says.

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“He deserves better”

Figren’s podcast colleague Niclas Norlindh is even harsher in his criticism of Skellefteå.

– I think you’re a bit gentle, he says to Figren, before continuing:

– Of all the shirt liftings I’ve seen, this was probably the worst. I think it felt so damn poor, ill thought out and lethargic. After 15 seasons at the club and two SM golds, Jimmie Ericsson deserves so damn much better. Absolutely nothing against him here, it’s the club that gets criticized. It was pathetic, he says.

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220917 Skellefteå’s Jimmie Ericsson jersey is hoisted during the ice hockey match in the SHL between Skellefteå and Malmö Redhawks on September 17, 2022 in Skellefteå. Photo: Ola Westerberg / BILDBYRÅN

Many have defended Skellefteå by saying that it was actually the club’s very first shirt lifting, but Robin Figren doesn’t fully buy it.

– The kind one could have said that it was their first shirt lifting, but there is something else to take from other clubs. You could have looked towards Färjestad or some team that has done that more than once. That excuse doesn’t hold up either, he says, and continues:

– I agree that it didn’t turn out well. He deserved better.

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