the game’s budget has been revealed, it’s less than the movie Asterix & Obé

the games budget has been revealed its less than the

Announced late last year, Control 2 is in full production at Remedy Entertainment. As we know, the studio has the support of the publisher 505 Games, which is partly financing the production of this highly anticipated sequel. In the latest financial report from Digital Bros (the parent company of 505 Games), we learned that the budget for this Control 2 was $50 million. Comparison which has no place, but which is however quite funny, developing Control 2 will require less money than making the last Asterix & Obelix the Middle Kingdom, which had required 65 million euros to be made. Also in this same document, we learn that sales of the first Control have crossed 3 million copies worldwide, which means that it took 2 years and 5 months for the title to make an additional million sales. It is now hoped that news about Control 2 will reach us more regularly, whatever form it takes.

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