The game, which has been silent for 25 years, will now sound

The game which has been silent for 25 years will

After a quarter of a century of history, this veteran MMO game is making a sound. The developer stated that they needed this innovation and added that everything will be better for the game now.

One of the oldest MMOs developed by CipSoft, the 25-year-old production is now getting sound files. The production, which has been living in its silent world for 25 years, will have a lot of changes in the game when it suddenly gets an audio file.

25 years of silence finally ends

The game called Tibia, developed by CipSoft and released in 1997, has been silently with its fans since then. The fact that there was no sound in the game did not lose much, the fans continued to play the game despite everything, but the developer said that a revolution is needed in the game now, and that he will add sound to the game on September 27 and everything will change in the game. Moreover, he even revealed the anthem of Tibia.

Tibia will receive an important update on its 25th Anniversary, and will officially live an ordinary but a milestone for other games. If you’re not familiar with the game, it was released in 1997, years before Everquest and RuneScape, and even months before Ultima Online, which has a respectable place in the gaming world. Tibia is not the first MMORPG, but it is one of the very few online games of its era that still continues and survives today.

No sound effects or music were used in the game for the past quarter century. Earlier this year, developer CipSoft announced that with an upcoming update, this will change, adding music with appropriate sounds during the war.