The game keeps the group together – now they’re going to “Westeros”

– I’m an inveterate nerd, says Johan Flybring and laughs.

He started playing Warhammer as early as 13 years old. After a few years of hiatus, he picked up the interest again. Today, Johan, together with seven others, live in a basement in Gävle, where over the years they have managed to build a collection of several thousand figures and props for the game.

Won several awards for “coolest army”

Previous times that they have been to the tournament, there have been around a hundred participants. Each match is played one-on-one and each match takes around three hours.

In addition to winning the matches, other prizes are also awarded, including for “coolest army”, a prize for the group with the most creative and ornate figures and props – something for which the group has received several awards.

A way to stay together

Interest in the game has also become a way for the group to stay together.

– Sometimes we come here and play, but sometimes we don’t get further than the sofa, where we sit and talk, says Anton Hols.

In the clip above: See some of the group’s figures as they prepare for competition.