the game is not dead, we even have a roadmap with the details of the con

the game is not dead we even have a roadmap

Lambasted on the altar of unnecessary reboot when it was released in August 2023, Saints Row has not been commercially successful either. Certainly, Deep Silver had communicated on the number of one million players registered at the launch of the game, but reality quickly caught up with ambitions. September 2022, we learned that the Volition studio was absorbed by Gearbox following the poor results of the game. Despite all this, Saints Row will not be abandoned and Deep Silver has simply revealed the roadmap for all the content planned for this year. . Between updates, free DLCs and extensions, there is plenty to enjoy if you have still kept the game in your library.

Saints Row (reboot)

To start, the Pack Dead Island 2 is scheduled for April 11. HELL-A will meet the Wild West in this free update inspired by the upcoming zombie game from Deep Silver. Players will then be able to dress their boss with objects reminiscent of the intrepid Jacob or the athletic Amy. They will also be able to apply the principle of “shock and awe” thanks to a new weapon but also to stroll in style thanks to a new emote. That’s not all, fans can also rekindle their biting memories by wearing an iconic flamingo hat or by installing the Carver shark statue in their HQ.

The game’s biggest free update is scheduled for May. This is the addition of Sunshine Springs, a brand new district of Santo Ileso, along with a series of changes that will impact the quality of the game (such as revamped combat, a Selfie mode and more). On the same day, Expansion Pass holders will get ” The Heist & The Hazardous “, three new missions taking place in the district of Sunshine Springs while the Saints embark on an ambitious heist in order to get revenge on a famous actor who would have double-crossed them…

The second expansion pass is scheduled for July with The ” Doc Ketchum’s Murderous Circus “, a new single-player mode that we will not reveal anything to you… for the moment. Additionally, this will also bring about an update intended to improve the quality of the game in general while adding different elements.

Finally, the third and final pack of the Expansion Pass will be released in August. Keep an eye on social media for more information soon. August will also see the appearance of a new second district as well as new improvements, all free for all players.

Note that all expansion packs will also be available separately.