“The game can’t be like this”

The game cant be like this

Manchester United’s dark season continued with a 3-4 loss to FC Copenhagen. United manager Erik ten Hag sees that the team has already experienced injustice from the referees in several matches.

Manchester United’s second season with the Dutchman Erik ten Hag has been confused and unstable. The team’s performances have fluctuated drastically, the attack has struggled and the defense has been uncertain and vulnerable.

In the latest setback, United went from a two-goal lead to a 3-4 defeat in the Champions League match against FC Copenhagen. The British giant ran away to a two-goal lead in the opening period, when Rasmus Højlund hit the net twice for his old club.

Towards the end of the opening period Marcus Rashford was sent off after a VAR check with a straight red card after stepping on a striker Elias Jelertin on the ankle. Even before the break, the Danes drew level when Mohamed Elyounoussi narrowed and Harry Maguire’s for a penalty kick awarded for hand foul Diogo Goncalves.

In the second period Bruno Fernandes put the visitors back in the lead from the spot, but the tenacious host rose to the occasion and eventually won the 17-year-old Swedish promise Roony Bardghjin on the finish line.

After a roller-coaster match, Ten Hag was disappointed and furious.

– The first 20-25 minutes were our best game of the season, but the red card changed everything. Even before the break we conceded two goals that should never have come.

– Their player was in the first one Andre (keeper Onana) in front in the offside position. After that, a really soft and embarrassing penalty kick was whistled.

United has often been the winning side in video inspections this season, and ten Hag’s surface for the video refereeing, which has garnered a lot of criticism in England, is starting to burn.

– The hand was in a normal position in a defensive situation, just like With Christian Eriksen earlier in Munich against Bayern. Also Scott McTominay the situation was really questionable.

– The game cannot be like this, and there must be some level of objectivity. We have had a lot of setbacks and injuries, but things will turn in our favor as the long season progresses, ten Hag believed.

“VAR checks kill the intensity”

Commenting on the match for CBS Sports from the spot, former Manchester United’s Danish goalkeeper legend Peter Schmeichel is also concerned about the impact of video reviews on football.

– I’m tired of the fact that we don’t understand at the moment who this game is being played for. No one in the crowd called for a red card or either penalty. The game just stops and no one knows why, Schmeichel was foaming at the mouth.

– The inspections kill the intensity and take away the atmosphere from the fans, who even today created a wonderful atmosphere in the stadium. VAR has had a couple of really bad weeks, and its use should be reconsidered.

As a result of their defeat, United were relegated to Jumbo in Group A, and have scored 11 goals in four games. The number is the third highest of all teams in the group stage.

In the Premier League, United is eighth, and only 12 goals have been scored in 11 games. Of the team’s valuable attacking arsenal, only Rashford has succeeded in scoring in the Premier League, and even he only once.

In many matches, United has collapsed mentally after the successes of the opponent, and the stability of the position of ten Hag, who delighted with his grip last season, has already been speculated in the British media.

Luted for a long time in Manchester’s back lines Rio Ferdinand sees a lack of leadership in the team.

– We are in crisis mode again, and this is one roller coaster. A team lacks character and leadership when under stress and pressure. Suddenly it just collapses and the players give up, Ferdinand review for TNT Sports.

– The players now have to find themselves from deep. Leading players at their best encourage and bring out the best in their teammates as well. In the end, however, everything boils down to the manager, who steers and leads the ship.

The standings of the Champions League after four rounds can be found here. The next Champions League will be played in the last week of November.