“The future is pretty dark for Virgin Orbit”

The future is pretty dark for Virgin Orbit

Among the private space companies Virgin Orbit, announced that they would cease all operations. The future of the company is dark case.

Billionaire Richard Branson founded by Virgin Orbit firm, Boeing 747 It was able to achieve very few space developments in 2022. The company, which wanted to change that in 2023, had started the year very badly. The company does not go to space with a Boeing 747 as part of its space missions, but instead uses a different infrastructure. custom developed Cosmic Girl a named Boeing 747 The company, which raises the commercial satellites to approximately 35-40 thousand feet with the company, takes the space under the plane and carries the satellites within its structure. LauncherOne with a rocket named This is exactly what was targeted in the past months, but There was a problem with LauncherOne in the process. As part of the UK-based mission Cosmic Girl It took off without any problems and reached the specified height. Then when the Atlantic Ocean is reached LauncherOne ignited, where the rocket left the plane, but experienced a technical problem en route and failed to reach low earth orbit. in the process LauncherOne carried with nine commercial satellites lost, Cosmic Girl is back with no issues. At work After this negative event, things did not go well, The expected bad news for the future of the company came today. Virgin Orbit, according to the official statement will cease all its activities And lay off 85% of its workforce. To continue operationally stating that they could not find the additional financing needed the firm had bottomed out before it was truly commercialized.


About subject “Unfortunately, we were unable to secure sufficient financing for the company. We have no choice but to make urgent, dramatic and extremely painful changes.” said Dan Hart, CEO of Virgin Orbit. specifically announces that they will lay off 675 people. The layoffs are expected to be completed by April 3, after which only 100 employees remain at the company, according to the CEO. The company’s re-emergence in this field is billionaire Richard Branson possible but for now the future looks pretty dark. The company of Elon Musk, currently the leader of the private space market SpaceX and this is certainly not expected to change in the near future. However, especially to SpaceX An alternative is needed for throwing small payloads into space.