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1717995303 the front page of LExpress in La Loupe – LExpress

In this episode, Charles Haquet, head of the World department of L’Express, and Alexandra Saviana, of the Society department, explain to us how these actions disrupt the information and decisions of European leaders.

Data leaks, foreign interference… Brussels, nest of spies


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The team: Charlotte Baris (presentation and writing), Jules Krot (editing and direction)

Credits: TF1, Le Parisien, Euronews, France 24

Music and dressing: Emmanuel Herschon/Studio Torrent

Image credits: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Logo: Anne-Laure Chapelain/Benjamin Chazal

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Charlotte Baris: A few days ago, a somewhat strange event took place in the middle of Paris: coffins filled with plaster and covered with a French flag, with the inscription “French soldiers of Ukraine” were placed in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The scene may seem unimportant to you, but it quickly worried the French intelligence services. So we’ll explain to you why.

The men who placed these coffins were quickly arrested. And a link appears with another case, dating from the middle of May. Then a new connection is made, with an event which this time took place just after October 7.

Each time, these events are widely reported on social networks, before landing in numerous radio and TV newspapers or in press articles.

But above all, and this is what gives rise to great concern, eyes are almost immediately turned towards foreign countries. Those responsible for these actions are believed to be controlled by Russia.

There is foreign interference in France, but not only that. For months, the whole of Europe has been targeted, and which fears these destabilizing operations. A new form of war which is on the front page of L’Express this week, and which we explain to you in this episode.

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