the front page of L’Express in La Loupe – L’Express

the front page of LExpress in La Loupe – LExpress

This week, Céline Delbecque, journalist in the Society department, tells us about L’Express’ investigation into these French neighborhoods where traffic is everywhere. She explains to us how France is “losing the war against drug trafficking”.

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The team: Charlotte Baris (presentation), Mathias Penguilly (writing), Jules Krot (editing and production).

Credits: France Info, TF1, Euronews, BFMTV, Public Senate

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Image credits: Pascal GUYOT/AFP

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Charlotte Baris: Do you know the Lernaean Hydra? In Greco-Roman mythology, the hydra is a nine-headed serpent that terrorizes the Hellenic peninsula, massacres herds and destroys plantations. Each time a hero cuts off one of his heads, he grows two new ones. The snake is immortal, at least until the arrival of the demigod Hercules who manages to get rid of it after a high-level fight.

In France today, there is a scourge that we sometimes relate to this mythological creature… It is drug trafficking. For years, the politicians in power have promised to wage war on drug traffickers, without success. Demigods don’t exist in real life; to bring down the Hydra of drugs, significant financial, police and judicial resources are required.

This is what the government promised with its new operation called “Place Net XXL”. But isn’t it already too late? Journalists from L’Express visited several “neighborhoods governed by the deal” in France, and it is this investigation that we are telling you about today.

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