The French star threw up in the middle of the top fight at the World Cup in Salpauselka – he surprised EPN himself: “a 30-second thing”

The French star threw up in the middle of the

Hugo Lapalus himself didn’t know what exactly happened on the last climb. Lapalus also recovered from his vomiting surprisingly quickly.

BAY. In the final competition of the World Ski Cup season in Lahti, there was drama when the French Hugo Lapalus suddenly threw up in the front row. Lapalus had to stop for a moment.

However, the Frenchman was a token and, despite the harsh situation, finished in 19th place and was one minute behind the winner Johannes Hösflot from Kläbo.

– I don’t know why it happened. I had stomach problems for a while. A little before and a little after was okay. It was only a matter of 30 seconds, Lapalus was surprised to Urheilu.

Lapalus suspected that perhaps the drink he had consumed upset his stomach. Lapalus thanked the Finnish audience for their support.

– It was an incredible atmosphere. The track is perfect for skiing. Everything is fine now. The result was not only good, commented the smiling Frenchman, who was otherwise in a good mood.

The Frenchman Lapalus was satisfied with his season, as he reached the top 15 for the first time in the regular distance Cup.

– It was a good season overall. The last race wasn’t perfect, Lapalus said.