The French Days return from Friday 23 to 26 September. The opportunity to take advantage of great promotions on computers, peripherals, telephones, TVs and other high-tech products!

The French Days end today May 9 There are only

The French Days return from Friday 23 to 26 September. The opportunity to take advantage of great promotions on computers, peripherals, telephones, TVs and other high-tech products!

Here we go again for the French Days! The edition of this French-style Black Friday begins on Friday, September 23 and ends on Monday, September 26 at midnight. The perfect opportunity to find discounted prices on high-tech devices on sale (computer, telephone, headphones, television, screen, external disk, printer, tablet, etc.). Many brands are participating in this great sale again this year, with reductions of 10%, 15%, 20% and sometimes a little more on the usual prices. Admittedly, no really broken prices this year: generalized inflation in France is felt, as is the shortage of electronic components which has been straining the market for quite some time. but there are still good deals to be had. Don’t delay: as always with these limited-time commercial operations, you have to react quickly because the real good deals disappear quickly. !

What are the French Days?

The French Days are simply days during which traders practice promotions, such as sales, but off season, and therefore outside the legislative framework that regulates them. This commercial operation was created in 2018 by six big names in e-commerce in France: Boulanger, Cdiscount, Fnac-Darty, La Redoute, Rue du Commerce and Showroomprivé. It was then repeated every year, with two editions per year. It is often rightly presented as a sort of French-style Black Friday, the half-acknowledged goal of its initiators being to fight against Amazon, which regularly breaks sales records during this great annual sale from the United States. Since its creation, many other merchants have joined the event, without necessarily claiming the French Days label. Note that the operation takes place online, on merchant sites.

What are the dates of the French Days 2022?

This year, the fall edition of the French Days will be held from Friday September 23 from 7 a.m. to Monday September 26, 2022 until midnight, i.e. for almost four full days. You should know that, unlike Black Friday which takes place at the end of November, the French Days are held twice a year, in spring and autumn. The first edition usually takes place at the end of April, beginning of May. But due to the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the dates in 2021 and 2022 had been postponed by a month to take place between the end of May and the beginning of June. The second edition usually takes place at the end of September, as is the case here. However, even if the commercial operation does not start until Friday, it is likely that several sites anticipate the event and multiply the promotions the previous days. Clearly, even if they are not officially stamped French Days, there will certainly be bargains to be had at several online merchants from the end of September.

Which brands are participating in French Days 2022?

In addition to the six major French brands behind the event (Boulanger, Cdiscount, Fnac-Darty, La Redoute, Rue du Commerce and Showroomprivé), dozens of merchants are taking part in the French Days again this year (see the complete list on the official website). Computers, audio-video, telephony, but also household appliances, DIY, decoration, tableware, fashion, optics, sport, make-up, there is practically something for all tastes and at all prices, in many areas, even if some actors who participated in previous editions are not on the official list this year. An absence that does not prevent them from taking advantage of the opportunity to also make promotions, each trader remaining free to join the movement in his own way, without obligation to claim the name French Days. Note that Amazon now participates in the French Days by multiplying flash sales and exceptional discounts during this period. Similarly, Rakuten joins the party, offering refund offers with its famous point system.

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The good plans of the French Days 2022

For a few days, slashed prices will multiply among traders who participate in the French Days as well as on many merchant sites. However, be careful. As always in this kind of operation, the stocks are not unlimited, the promotions do not last and it is better not to hang around before placing an order, at the risk of seeing the good deal slip away. Moreover, as UFC-Que Choisir has already denounced on several occasions for traditional sales, some merchants – and not the least – do not hesitate to artificially inflate reference prices, or even to increase them a few days before the beginning of the operation, to display spectacular reductions, when in reality they are minimal. A misleading practice that requires vigilance and checks.

Fortunately, the real reductions are numerous, and there are excellent deals to be had for those who know how to snoop around. Here is our selection of good deals in high tech.

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