The foldable phone market seems to be left to Samsung

OPPO and Vivo will not stop producing foldable phones

The claims coming in recent days are contradictory, but it is at the final stage. foldable phone market It seems like it will largely fall to Samsung. looks.

For the last 1-2 weeks foldable phone market There is a lot of interesting information regarding this. For example, recently, “OPPO and Vivo will stop producing foldable phones” The allegations made a lot of noise. This claim, which did not come from a well-known source, was denied by other sources. It was reported that new foldable phones will be coming from two giants under the umbrella of BBK. However, new information on this subject is related to the foldable phone market. It definitely shows that it’s a negative situation. One of the solid names based in China Digital Chat Station (DCS), stated that multiple major manufacturers have frozen foldable phone projects. DCS does not give a specific name or reason here, and also says that two unnamed companies “He states that he has shelved the “small” sized foldable models. There is not much money yet in the foldable device market, which is reported to have seen a serious decline, but recent shares It shows that the market will go directly to Samsung. Samsung, which is the name that truly started this field, is not certain yet, but it will most likely come up with three different foldables this year.


Galaxy Z Flip 6, According to new information provided by reliable sources Galaxy Z Flip 5 Unlike the model 3.700mAh not It can be installed on a 4,000 mAh battery. This is not 100 percent certain yet because it is reported that tests have been carried out during the process, but a battery increase of 300 mAh is of great importance for the Galaxy Z Flip series. Samsung, According to claims from Korea, it will be introduced in the coming months. Galaxy Z Flip 6 And Galaxy Z Fold 6 with its models at a more affordable price.entry level” may also unveil the foldable model.

Since foldable models are still expensive (i.e. they are not among the most powerful models available) Galaxy Z Fold 5 73 thousand TL must be paid for the market, the market cannot grow much, and the company seems to have a good plan for 2024 to change this. This relatively budget-friendly foldable, which we expect to be detailed in the coming months, If it turns out as expected, it can make a big impact in the market and reach very serious sales figures.