the flight of doctors towards aesthetics – L’Express

the flight of doctors towards aesthetics – LExpress

In this episode, Antoine Beau, from the Sciences and Health department of L’Express, explains to you why this career change among many practitioners is causing a lot of reaction.

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The team: Charlotte Baris (presentation and writing), Léa Bertrand (editing) and Jules Krot (production).

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Charlotte Baris: 9,000… This data was discovered by Antoine Beau, a journalist in the Sciences and Health department of L’Express. Hello Antoine!

Antoine Beau: Good morning !

Charlotte Baris: So what area of ​​health does this figure concern?

Antoine Beau: Aesthetic medicine. 9,000 is the number of doctors who devote themselves to this practice in France today. This means that it is in addition to, or instead of, their activity. As there is no precise register, I obtained this figure of 9,000 from the order of doctors. They looked at the documents that practitioners must complete when they set up somewhere and in which they can specify their specialty. And so on this basis, the order estimates that at least 9,000 doctors are dedicated to aesthetic medicine in France.

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