The first Trugo chargers signed by Vestel are ready for installation

The first Trugo chargers signed by Vestel are ready for

Behind the domestic automobile project Togg important steps are being taken. In this context, the first Trugo chargers signed by Vestel are ready for installation.

Commissioned for the electric car charging network trugo, before domestic car Togg It was one of the most important steps. Posting about it today trugo, this statement passed: “180 kW chargers specially produced for Trugo by Vestel, one of the founding partners of Togg, are ready for installation. With Trugo, electric vehicle users will have an uninterrupted experience with high-performance charging infrastructure in Turkey’s 81 provinces.” on the subject Togg side stated: “Our work continues in line with our plans for an end-to-end uninterrupted user experience. “

Setting off with a coverage area covering all 81 provinces, Trugo In the first information shared about the system, it was noted that the system can be used by all electric car owners. According to the information shared by Togg, devices with a capacity of more than 180 kWh will be able to be filled, and the vehicles that support will reach 80 percent battery charge in 25 minutes. According to the announcement plan, which includes more than 600 locations in 81 provinces, it is aimed to locate charging points at intervals of 25 and 50 kilometers depending on the traffic density.


CEO Gürcan Karakaş stated that they will offer an uninterrupted experience to all electric vehicle users with devices over 180 kWh in 81 provinces with the “Trugo” brand of Togg Smart and Fast Charging Solutions Inc., which they have established for the charging infrastructure needed in Turkey; Our application to EMRA has been concluded in line with our goal of establishing fast charging stations that will make it possible to travel with electric vehicles from end to end in our country. We are very happy to be among the licensed players of the sector. We think that this regulation is a very valuable milestone for the development of Turkey’s charging infrastructure.

By the middle of next year, we will install 1000 fast chargers with a total of 2,000 sockets at over 600 points in 81 provinces. We are determined to maintain this pioneering position with the investments we will make in the coming years. The countdown has begun on the way to our goal. After the completion of the homologation process, our first smart device C-SUV will be launched in the first quarter of 2023.” made his statements.

Alongside Togg and TruGo