The first foldable-screen iPhone could be like the Huawei Mate Xs 2

The first foldable screen iPhone could be like the Huawei Mate

The first foldable screen iPhone model may arrive in 2027 and according to analysts Huawei Mate Xs 2 like may appear.

Apple has not yet launched a foldable screen device and will not do so anytime soon. However, the company is working on this issue and according to TrendForce analyst At this stage, 2027 is targeted for the foldable iPhone. Due to technical difficulties in the past months 2027 It is said that it will not be put on the market before iPhone model with foldable screen, It came to the fore with some negative news in 2023. Allegations made are that Apple was not satisfied with the foldable screens it received for prototype trials. company of prototype displays It was said that it did not meet their expectations. Apple does not seem to take any commercial steps until its expectations regarding the panel are fully met. before first foldable iPhone model It was said that it could be prepared in vertical form like the Galaxy Z Flip. Now the device above Huawei Mate Xs 2 that it could be like It was claimed that it could adopt outward folding screen. The product, which is claimed to have a 7.9-inch screen, is not certain yet, but it may be the top option. In other words, Apple may release a device similar to the Galaxy Z Flip to the market in 2027 at a more affordable price.


The first foldable screen device to be introduced to the market by Apple will most likely be a MacBook. Ming-Chi Kuo was the last to make a statement on this subject and said that the first foldable screen device signed by Apple will be a MacBook. The company is reported to be working on 20.25 and 18.8-inch panels. He wants to completely eliminate the screen fold. At this stage of this It is stated that it creates a very high cost. This foldable and full-screen MacBook, expected to be introduced in 2026 It can be powered by the Apple M5 processor.