The fire at Oceana Liseberg: Racial risk makes work difficult

The work to put out the fire at Liseberg’s new water park Oceana continues on Tuesday. The fire broke out on Monday morning and a VMA was issued when thick, black smoke spread all over Gothenburg.

On Tuesday morning, the rescue service states that the fire is under control, but that there are still smoldering and igniting fires in parts of the structure.

One person is still missing

A total of 22 people sought care for their injuries, all injuries were assessed as minor. During the evening, the police went out with the information that a report has been made that a person has disappeared in connection with the fire.

– He is tied to the workplace and he has not been able to be located either within the healthcare system or anywhere else, says Stefan Gustafsson, press spokesperson at the Police.

The emergency services have carried out rescue work in the bath house but have not found anyone.

– We have received information that someone may be missing. We’re in and searching, but we can’t access all the parts. Extinguishing is still being carried out and there is a risk of collapsing, in order to access all parts, the construction must be secured, says rescue leader Kristoffer Wahter Silfwerbrand.

Risk of parts of the construction collapsing

The work to extinguish the fire went on during the night and will continue during the morning.

– We have conducted an active and intensive investigation that continued during the night. We have gained control of the fire, but we still have glowing and flaming fires in parts of the construction, it is a rather complicated operation, says rescue leader Kristoffer Wahter Silfwerbrand.

At the same time, there is still a great risk of race, which complicates the work on site.

– We are establishing safe zones inside the building where we can extinguish, we are successful but it will take time, says Kristoffer Wahter Silfwerbrand.

The places where they are still burning are high up, in walls and ceilings. The fires are adjacent to the slides, but also some distance into the building.

– We deal with that with the risk that parts of the wall and roof may collapse, says Kristoffer Wahter Silfwerbrand.

Yesterday 14:02

Here, Liseberg’s new bathhouse explodes – see the dramatic films

Fire gases caused the explosion

Films from Monday showed how part of the bath house exploded and parts from the construction were thrown out.

– We have had a pressure wave and an extensive fire, says Kristoffer Wahter Silfwerbrand.

According to the emergency services, the explosion occurred when fire gases gathered in a closed space and ignited.

– When the fire gases come into contact with oxygen, they expand, they want to expand, and then the walls and roof resist. This leads to an explosion that crushes parts of the construction, says Kristoffer Wahter Silfwerbrand.

Parts of the building have been saved

Despite the extensive damage, they managed to save part of the bath house. Among other things, changing rooms, cafes and operating rooms will be fine.

– The water palace itself, where the pool is, is where the major damage is, says Kristoffer Wahter Silfwerbrand.

The rescue service expects that the extinguishing work will continue during the day and perhaps into the evening.

– When we are finished, extensive renovation work will be required that will take months or years, says Kristoffer Wahter Silfwerbrand.