The Finnish champion is furious with the Sports Confederation because of food poisoning: “The whole trip was organized to hell†| Sport

The Finnish champion is furious with the Sports Confederation because

The athletics championship indoor competitions will take place in Tampere on February 17-18, 2024. Live broadcast of Sunday’s events at Areena starting at 11:45. follows the events on its website in this article.

High jumper Daniel Kosonen The starting points for the championships were not the best possible, but the man won the Finnish championship with a score of 217.

– After 209 it opened up and it felt like it was going to go. Technically, I’ve lost track of January. The momentum ends. I go too fast to do aerial movements on the bar. There are climbs and speed, but I do stupid things, the jumper representing Tampere Pyrintö complained to STT.

The athletes of öänekoski, who have been hailed as the toughest competitor Arttu Mattila was down to 205 when he hurt his leg. Pori Athletics also placed third Veikka Loikas recorded a score of 205.

– Artu and I aimed for 220. After he dropped out, I had to charge again, Kosonen lamented the misfortune of his rival.

Kosonen competed last weekend in Norway and was second with a score of 213. Then Kosonen got food poisoning.

– There were somewhat questionable food arrangements from the point of view of the union, Kosonen referred to the Sports Confederation.

– The whole trip was organized like hell. It can’t be like there’s only breakfast and lunch per day. The rest is awarded to the athlete. That’s not elite sport. I know amateur clubs that can handle it better.

Kosonen didn’t know exactly what food the pöpö came from. The sports association bought the services from a local organizer, to whom the association has given customer feedback, according to STT’s information.

– Why do we pay a deductible for trips if we don’t even get decent arrangements?

According to Kosonen, the arrangements caused an uproar among Finnish athletes.

– We are used to the fact that there have been high-quality arrangements.

The acceleration at the end of Kosonen’s hall season was short after his recovery. He thought Saturday’s race was the last. The best result was the 220 jumped in Pori in January.

– I started the hall season early in January. The condition is starting to be such that it would be nice to return to training. The EC competitions from early summer come early. The place should also be secured.

Kemppinen fumbled in acceleration

Suffered from injuries in recent years Lotta Kemppinen ran 60 meters to become Finnish champion. Kemppinen clocked a time of 7.34, although he fumbled during the initial acceleration. Silver was achieved Jenna Kokkonen with a time of 7.46 and bronze Anniina Korttemaa with a time of 7.51.

– I don’t know if it was too far ahead or a false step, but it was really close to going all the way around. It didn’t look that bad, but it felt pretty bad when running. It’s a miracle that I was able to pull myself together, Kemppinen told Urheilu.

Kemppinen thought that without the compursion, he could have gotten a tenth off his time.

Mäkitörmä, the winner of the hardball competition

Senja Mäkitörma won the hard shot with a record 17.65. He had previously pushed his record of 17.53 on the outdoor track.

Mäkitörma had a hard fight for the championship Emilia Kankaan with. In the end, Kangas was five centimeters short of the winner.

– This feels great. Last summer, not once 17 meters. I feel that I belong to the better side of 17.5 meters and it feels good to return there, Mäkitörmä commented to Urheilu.

Surprising results in Tampere

There were also surprise winners in Tampere. 400 meters away Asseri Välimäki kiri with a time of 47.20 to win in men and Hilla Uusimäki with a time of 53.27 in women. Men’s 1Â 500 meters, on the other hand Aleksi Kivelä wash sparingly Santtu Heikkinen.

– Perhaps not many would have guessed these winners. These were surprising and fascinating performances that held the public’s interest, Urheilu’s expert Tuomas Raja comment.

However, in Raja’s opinion, the bullet race was the highlight of the day. He also wanted to highlight the winner of the long race with a score of 651 Jessica Kähären performance.

– We saw the all-time triple and quad results, and two women worked over 17.60. It’s a tough stitch.

– In addition, I would like to highlight Jessica Kähära’s winter fitness, which is really tough. Another long jump of over six and a half meters.

Indoor WC, Tampere, all Saturday’s medalists

Finnish dressage championships, 1st day:

Men, 60m:
1) Samuli Samuelsson 6.71
2) Riku Illukka 6.71
3) William Thor 6.76

Men, 400m:
1) Asseri Välimäki 47.20 (monthly)
2) Konsta Alatupa 47.24
3) Viljami Kaasalainen 47.45

Men, 1,500m:
1) Aleksi Kivelä 3:52,45
2) Santtu Heikkinen 3:52,72
3) Julius Mäkinen 3:55.15 (winner of the B series)

Men, 5,000 m walk:
1) Jerry Jokinen 19:26,80 (mm & 22-y. SE)
2) Lauri Joukas 20:50,43
3) Rasmus Lerstrand 20:59,78

Men, height:
1) Daniel Kosonen 217
2) Arttu Mattila 205
3) Veikka Loikas 205

Men, 3-jump:
1) Aaro Davidila 16,22
2) Aapo Karvinen 15.65
3) Tuomas Kaukolahti 15.63

Women, 60m:
1) Lotta Kemppinen 7.34
2) Jenna Kokkonen 7.46
3) Anniina Kortetmaa 7.51

Women, 400m:
1) Hilla Uusimäki 53.27
2) Milja Thureson 54.03
3) Viivi Lehikoinen 54.34

Women, 1,500m:
1) Sara Lappalainen 4.19.81
2) Nelli Nordlund 4.20.79
3) Saija Seppä 4.21.99

Women, 5,000 m walk:
1) Ella Rautawaara 22.24.98 (SE)
2) Enni Nurmi 22:26,65
3) Tiia Kuikka 23:58,89

Women, seiväs:
1) Silja Andersson 431
2) Saga Andersson 421
3) Laura Ollikainen & Maria Kytölä 399

Women, height:
1) Jessica Kähärä 651
2) Saga Vanninen 624
3) Nea Flight 616

Ladies, listen up:
1) Senja Mäkitörmä 17.65 (monthly)
2) Emilia Kangas 17.60
3) Eveliina Rouvali 16.59