The final part of a great sci-fi series that definitely needs to be continued

The final part of a great sci fi series that definitely

The Alien series represents sci-fi horror like no other, and the first parts in particular have made film history. But unfortunately there hasn’t been a sequel since Alien: Covenant. That’s not because the film is bad, it’s much better than its reputation and is on TV today.

That’s what Alien: Covenant is all about

Actually, they want to Crew members of the spaceship Covenant found a colony. They are supposed to ensure the continued existence of humanity and have found a suitable planet that looks like an untouched paradise and the perfect place for the project. Unfortunately, someone was already there before the crew.

Of course, because this is an alien film, it doesn’t take long until the humans and the android Walter (Michael Fassbender) get together unpleasant surprise in xenomorph form meet. Things happen as they have to, and the colonization plans quickly turn into a chaotic and hard fight for survival.

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Cuckoo! A more or less classic alien is also up to mischief in Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant is the final film in the series so far, but there is hope

Alien: Covenant was conceived from the start as a relatively direct sequel to the Alien prequel Prometheus: Dark Signs (but you can also watch it without prior knowledge). Ridley Scott himself took the director’s chair again for this film. Despite it Unfortunately there has been no sequel so far.

Which is of course a shame, after all we’re dealing with one of the coolest and most exciting brands in the science fiction world. Previous announcements such as those surrounding a new Alien film by Neill Blomkamp have come to nothing.

Instead, we should probably one this year Alien series that is primarily located on Earth. It comes from Fargo creator Noah Hawley.

Besides, it’s coming Alien: Romulus. This is a new film by Fede Alvarez with Cailee Spaeny and Isabela Merced, which should have nothing to do with the last two Alien parts Prometheus and Covenant.

TV or stream: When and where is Alien: Covenant coming?

Alien: Covenant arrives today, February 11, 2024 at 11:25 p.m. on Sat.1.

If time doesn’t suit you, you of course also have the opportunity to watch the film online. At Disney+, the entire Alien series is available as part of the subscriptionbut Alien: Covenant can also be rented or purchased on Amazon, Google, Maxdome, Apple and Magenta TV.

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