the film is a failure at the box office and will lose a lot of ar

the film is a failure at the box office and

Despite all the involvement of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Black Adam is unfortunately a failure at the worldwide box office. In an article posted by Variety tonightthe results are indeed disappointing for the film which was to “change the hierarchy of powers in the DC universe”. After 7 weeks in theaters, the film has so far totaled $387 million at the worldwide box office, for a budget of $195 million, to which must be added all marketing-related costs, estimated at around 80/100. millions of dollars. Mathematically, the film therefore barely pays for itself, and still according to Variety, Black Adam had to reach 600 million dollars to be profitable. According to the estimates of the site in question, Warner Bros Discovery should lose between 50 and 100 million dollars in total, something that the producers probably did not come, the promotional campaign having been gigantic and Dwayne Johnson not hesitating to spoiler the return of Henry Cavill as Superman even before the film’s release.

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What to question the sequence of events in the DCU? Probably not, Warner and DC having hired a certain James Gunn to raise the bar, but it could well be that the objectives are revised downwards for Shazam 2 and Aquaman 2. Warner Bros Discovery is still trying to temporize and put back in questions the figures put forward by Variety, claiming that Black Adam is profitable between 4

00 and 450 million dollars. Of course, the film will be entitled to a second life when it is released on Blu-ray video, DVD and when it arrives on streaming platforms, but in itself, it is already a failure in the eyes of Warner. We may be called Dwayne Johnson and be able to move mountains, when the public does not want it, it is he who decides the fate of the films.

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