The film about the worst film in the world is… surprisingly good

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The room by and with Tommy Wiseau is considered by many film fans to be the worst film of all time. Everyone who knows him knows what that means: 99 minutes of shame, underground dialogues, pointless storytelling and amateurish acting.

The Room has such a bad reputation that when it’s used in cinematic ordeal (with drinking games) by social masochists, it’s already a cult again. This Cult status as the worst film in the world also ensured that in 2017 a really worth seeing work on the story of its origins was published: The Disaster Artist is now available on Amazon Prime*.

Now on Amazon: The Disaster Artist honors the worst cult film without laughing at it

In The Disaster Artist, aspiring actor Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) meets the idiosyncratic Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) at an acting class, and despite their differences, they form a friendship. Around Hollywood to prove her talent, they want to make their dream of their own film come true. Because Tommy has money and after his self-written story The Room failed as a play, he now wants to bring it to the cinema. With unforeseen results.

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The Disaster Artist

A comedy, The Disaster Artist could easily have become a taunting lesson in don’t-do-it-all about “the worst movie ever made,” tearing apart and publicly laughing at 2003’s work. Instead, the biographical film shows the Highs and Lows of Hell Productionwhich cost $6 million and grossed just $1,800, does so with a lot of love for its characters and for the detail.

The Disaster Artist shows an oddball on Amazon who believes in his art and therefore in the film business as a Role model instead of joke figure can be comprehended. The enthusiastic guest appearances of stars such as Seth Rogen, Josh Hutcherson, Bob Odenkirk, Kevin Smith, Jacki Weaver, Kristen Bell, Zach Braff, Bryan Cranston and many more show how popular The Room is today among filmmakers. So it’s fitting that James Franco (just like Tommy Wiseau once did) took on the leading role and directed his film.

Experience film history in the making on Amazon Prime – preferably in a double pack

The Room has such iconic exclamations as “I didn’t hit her, I didn’t! – Oh, hi Mark!” and such dubious scenes as 11 minutes of protracted sex spawned. Of course, all of this also plays a role in The Disaster Artist and wants to be (re)discovered with relish. As an example, it is enough to watch compilations of the “best” (aka cult-worst) scenes from The Room in advance:

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Of course, you can only appreciate The Disaster Artist 100 percent if you have tormented your way through The Room as an experience (preferably in company). However, you can currently only buy the complete template as a DVD * or watch it on YouTube in a slightly abridged form.

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