The fighter pilot warns: “It’s only a matter of time before something even worse happens”

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Swedish fighter pilot Sven Hammarberg sees the drone collision over the Black Sea as a Russian attempt to intimidate. – You clearly want to send signals that you don’t care, that you are unpredictable, that you don’t shy away from any means. It was on Tuesday that two Russian warplanes approached an American unmanned drone over the Black Sea. In the publicly released clip, one of the Russian fighter jets is seen flying very close to the drone’s camera. The plane, a Russian Su-27, is also seen dumping fuel on the drone as it passes by. In a second flyby, the plane hit the drone’s propeller, according to the US military. – Now it was an unmanned craft they collided with, but to me it feels like it’s only a matter of time before something even worse happens, says pilot Sven Hammarberg. He sees it as an attempt by Russia to intimidate. – I think people want to be scared, and I think they see the Black Sea as their inner sea, their little playhouse. Much like they saw the Baltic Sea during the Cold War, that they want to maintain the appearance that it is their own little water. See Sven Hammarberg’s analysis of the incident in the player above.