The fight against the robots in Helldivers 2 will soon become even more bitter, because they will have armed spaceships

In Helldivers 2 reached recently a threatening message the players. The fight against the robots could soon become much more difficult.

How do the spaceships come about? The Helldivers 2 players received a threatening message from the over-command via a message in the in-game message center. Thanks to the Helldiver’s efforts, the robots’ communication system on the planet Troost was deactivated. Blueprints for a new type of robot enemy were found.

The new enemy type will be flying gunships, which Helldivers will probably also attack from above. Not much is known about the new enemy type yet, but something even more threatening has come to light.

Did you miss the new war bond? Then we have the right trailer for you:

Helldivers 2 shows the new war bond “On the Razor’s Edge” in a trailer

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A secret of the robots frightened the Helldivers

What else was revealed? The message from the over-command in the game revealed that the communications system on the planet that was liberated from the Helldivers had been sending “transmissions across the galactic border.”

This could mean that the robots have the ability to leave the galaxy of people from above-Earth and that there are many more of them than previously thought.

An attack outside the robots’ current boundaries could also occur, for example somewhere else on the edge of the galaxy. With another front, the Helldivers would definitely be more challenged than before.

How does the community react? The Helldivers on Reddit are not at all happy about the news from their high command. The flying gunships of Helldivers 2 worry players a little less than the uncertainty of what the robots might be doing outside the galaxy.

K_Hermit writes: “Now I understand why they gave us the Quasar Cannon and why it’s damn good.” The Quasar Cannon has been popular with many players since it was released recently.

Neko4ever2 also thinks: “Do you think they gave us the laser rocket launcher gun thingy with unlimited ammo for fun? No, every time we get a new toy we need it.”

stormy_petrol is more concerned about the bigger picture: “Everyone is worried about the flying gunships, and no one is worried about the ‘transmissions beyond the edge of the galactic border’.”

stormtroopr1977 replies to him: “We’re finally leaving the tutorial part of the game.”

A new enemy type and a new front could give Helldivers 2 new impetus, although the game has managed to maintain player numbers well so far. The war could soon rage not only on the edge of the galaxy, but also on Over-Earth: Helldivers 2: Player accidentally lands on Over-Earth, thereby confirming a dark theory