The FBI has announced! In 1983, assassination plans were made against Queen Elizabeth.

The FBI has announced In 1983 assassination plans were made

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Queen of England, who died last year, II. He published documents relating to Elizabeth’s 1983 visit to the United States. It was noted that the FBI was concerned about the threats of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), in the documents containing information about how Elizabeth’s safety was ensured during her visit to the USA. Queen According to the documents, where the assassination plot against Elizabeth was told to a police officer in San Francisco, it was recorded that the police officer, who often goes to an Irish bar in San Francisco, warned the FBI agents about the phone call he received from a person he met in the bar. It was recorded that the police officer told him that he wanted to avenge the death of his daughter, who was killed by a rubber bullet in Northern Ireland.


Also Queen II. The documents, which include information that Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, were threatened on February 4, 1983, a month before their California visit, stated, “As the attacker was passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, an object would have been thrown to harm Queen Elizabeth or Queen Yosemite. He was going to try to kill him while he was visiting the National Park.” Despite the threats, the Secret Service’s documents, which recorded that the walkways were closed as the Royal yacht approached the Golden Gate Bridge, did not mention whether any precautions were taken regarding the Yosemite National Park visit. The 102-page documents released by the FBI did not provide information about the arrests.

In addition, the documents conveyed that the pilot who flew a plane carrying the banner “Britain, get out of Ireland” was taken into custody, and it was stated how the FBI was vigilant against threats against the Queen. (UAV)