The fashion world is mobilizing for Pink October 2022

The fashion world is mobilizing for Pink October 2022

Like every year, the pink ribbon, synonymous with the fight against cancer, is back in October. Like every year too, fashion brands relay this symbol and get involved in their own way.

© Roxy

Since 1985, charitable activities have multiplied in October on the occasion ofpink octobera month-long communication campaign aimed at to raise awareness women at screening from breast cancer and collect funds for research. To add their stone to the building, many fashion brands are joining the fight by creating capsule collections and donating at least part of their profits to associations. Here is a selection of committed labels and the proceeds of their actions for the 2022 edition.

© Simone in Bordeaux
  • The brand : Simone in Bordeaux.
  • The Association: Bergonie Institute.
  • The product : three pink bracelets.
  • Price : between 30 and 40 euros and 100% of the profits will be donated to the Bergonié Institute.
© Roxy x Keep A Breast
  • The brand : Roxy.
  • The Association: Keep A Breast.
  • The product : two T-shirts that celebrate our love for our breasts.
  • Price : 29.99 euros per T-shirt and all proceeds will be donated to education and support in the fight against breast cancer.
© Run
  • The brand : To run.
  • The Association: Pink Ribbon.
  • The product : the Pink Spirit movement invites women to wear pink sneakers to support the fight against breast cancer. Courir will therefore offer a selection of pink sneakers during the month of October.
  • Price : 5 euros will be donated to Ruban Rose for each purchase of a pair from the pink sneakers selection.
© Balabooste
  • The brand : Balaboosted.
  • The Association: RoseUp.
  • The product : hand drawn jewelry with mantras self loveirregularity and curves reminiscent of the female body.
  • Price : between 7.90 and 16.90 euros, all sales of which will be donated to RoseUp.
© Without lingerie complex
  • The brand : Without Lingerie Complex.
  • The Association: Pink Ribbon.
  • The product : a collection of post-operative lingerie.
  • Price : the Océane bra at 36 euros, with 1 euro donated to Ruban Rose, as well as one euro donated to Ruban Rose per Sans Complexe set purchased at Galeries Lafayette.
© At the Moulin Rose
  • The brand : At the Moulin Rose.
  • The Association: Pink Ribbon.
  • The product : of the underwear, pajamas, accessories.
  • Price : a collection from 10 to 49 euros, 2 euros donated to Ruban Rose per product purchased.
© Tissaia
  • The brand : E.Leclerc.
  • The Association: the Cancer League.
  • The product : a selection of Tissaia, Dim, Sloggi, Playtex, Morgan and Well bras.
  • Price : 2.50 euros donated to the League Against Cancer for the purchase of a bra among the aforementioned brands.
© Charlotte
  • The brand : Charlotte’.
  • The Association: Casiopeea.
  • The product : the red bra Eternal reinvented for women who have undergone breast surgery.
  • Price : for each bra purchased in the entire collection, 1 euro donated to Casiopeea.
© Nat&Nin
  • The brand : Nat&Nin.
  • The Association: RoseUp.
  • The product : the pink handbag Selma in limited edition.
  • Price : 175 euros, all profits will be donated to RoseUp.
© Marie Martens
  • The brand : Marie Martens
  • The Association: associations working for breast cancer research
  • The product : the Boobs collection of clutches with a silhouette of small breasts.
  • Price : from 35 to 275 euros with 10% of sales being donated to associations.