the farm gate price of a kilo of cocoa set at 1,500 CFA francs

the farm gate price of a kilo of cocoa set

In Ivory Coast, the authorities have set the farm gate price of cocoa at 1,500 CFA francs per kilo for the intermediate season which is starting. A price which, according to the authorities, reflects the surge in prices on international markets.

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With our correspondent in Abidjan, Bineta Diagne

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Kobénan Kouassi Adjoumani, this price reflects the effects of the surge in world prices which, according to him, are beginning to benefit producers. This is, he recalls, the first time that an intermediate campaign has seen prices higher than those charged during the main campaign.

To his detractors who believe that the price could have been even higher, as in Cameroon, the Minister of Agriculture recalls that Côte d’Ivoire has abandoned the liberal sales system for advance sales. These are reforms taken to stabilize production and prices. “ This makes it possible to pay a minimum price to producers, even when world prices are low. », explains Kobénan Kouassi Adjoumani.

Due to the drop in rainfall, production is expected to drop by 23%, adds the minister.

Several planter organizations expressed their satisfaction. “ This is a historic price », welcomed Benjamin Kouamé, member of the Association of PCAs of coffee and cocoa cooperatives, who however questions the current state of the orchard. Alongside it, certain cooperatives are calling for a review of margin systems, in order to better benefit from the improvement in world markets.

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