The family survived the bombs – but fell victim to the earthquake

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The Syrian family escaped the bombs over Aleppo in Syria. But fell victim to the earthquake in Turkey. – When I saw the blood coming from my son Ahmed’s mouth, I understood – it was over, says father of five Hasan al-Asoud. Former Syrian chemistry teacher Hasan al-Asoud walks around the rubble of his family’s house in Kahramanmaras, the Turkish town that was the epicenter of the two February 6 earthquakes. Hasan sees something colorful under the stones and fallen walls. He manages to get a big blue toy car up. For a second he smiles. – It was Ahmed’s favorite toy. But I won’t bring it to the family. It will hurt too much, he says and puts the dusty picture on the ground a little reluctantly. “Then I understood that he was dead” We have previously met Hasan, his wife and four children in an old business premises where they sought shelter since the earthquake. Their eight-year-old son Ahmed is one of at least 52,000 people who died in the earthquake. – After the roof fell on us, I tried to get out to look for the children. I gave my phone with the flashlight to my daughter and asked her to light it. She said blood was coming out of her brother’s mouth. Then I understood that he was dead, he says. Hasan is forced to several pauses during the story. The other three children and his wife are crying silently but uncontrollably and Hasan cannot hold back the tears either. Fleeed the war: Thought the children would be safe here It is the first time they talk about their experiences and the loss of Ahmed. It is painful. His wife Omaima hands over some pictures of Ahmed smiling and looking happy. – We thought the children would be safe here, she says and explains that they fled the war in Syria eight years ago. On Monday, a donor conference opens in Brussels for the earthquake-affected areas in Turkey and Syria. More than a month has passed but the needs are still huge. Many have not even received a tent yet. – We live in this warehouse for so long, but we want a tent. Here we are afraid that the roof will collapse on us any minute. The girls have bad nightmares and wake up screaming. Hope we are not forgotten, says Hasan. See the report from Turkey in the player above.