The expert’s office vandalized – with bloody children’s clothes

Among other things, the people had scrawled “Guilty” and “Blood på dina händer” on Anders Persson’s office door. Bloody children’s clothes had also been hung up and a drawing from his daughter torn down. In several of his pictures, the people had drawn a Hitler mustache on his face. “Dismayed” Anders Persson is a frequent guest in the media and often comments on the war between Hamas and Israel as a Middle East expert. – It is not popular to comment on this conflict, but of course it is very sad and I am appalled by what happened. I’m used to people gaping and yelling at me, but I haven’t encountered this before. What is extra sad is that they have ruined my daughter’s drawing. – I’m still surprised. We’ve seen protests against universities, of course, but I’m still surprised it would go this far. It’s not just a dude with a pen, it’s vandalism, continues Anders Persson. “Saw four individuals” Persson tells how one of his colleagues was working at 23:45 on Sunday evening. – She saw four individuals standing in the corridor. She got scared and sank down behind her computer then. It is still unclear how these individuals must have entered these premises. How it should have happened is now being investigated by the security department. The incident has also been reported to both the police and Säpo.