The expert after the improbable ending: “What a drama – wow”

The penultimate round of the Allsvenskan offered real drama.

Malmö FF looked to have missed their golden chance after the loss against BK Häcken.

“What a drama – wow”

Elfsborg had everything in their own hands but only got a cross at home against Degerfors – who also went out of the Allsvenskan as a result.

– What a drama – wow. Of course, one would have expected more (from Elfsborg) in this gold hunt, says SVT Sports expert Daniel Nannskog and continues:

– You can see that they are shaken, there are a lot of nerves. If you look at what Degerfors has achieved in the past, this was a mouthful for Elfsborg.

“Both teams have shaken”

Next Sunday, it’s time for a series final where Elfsborg, who are three points ahead of Malmö FF, visit the sky blues.

– There are two very shaken teams. They have shown that you may not have the nerve today. Both have been shaken up, says Nannskog before the drama.