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Donald Trumps astonishing financial package which could save him from

Donald Trump looking for money. The American billionaire has ten days to pay a fine of $175 million, to which new financial penalties could be added. Five other trials, criminal and civil, await the candidate for the presidential election in the coming months. And to replenish the coffers, all means are good. Using his social network Truth to advertise a Bible for Easter is one. Even more so when the sacred book is sold for the modest sum of $59.99.

In a video of approximately three minutes, the champion of the Republican primaries plays influencer. Or rather, to the missionaries. Sacred book in hands against a background of the American flag, Donald Trump delivers a kitsch praise of Christianity. “One of the first things that must be restored in the United States […] and protect against censorship by the media and left-wing political parties”. Reason why, “every American should have a Bible at home”. And to rely on the peremptory argument: “I have many myself, it This is my favorite book.” No one doubts it. Especially when it is intended to help him financially. Because for each Bible sold, the former President of the United States receives a commission, the percentage of which is n has not been revealed.

Constitution, Bill of Wright, lyrics…

This lucrative little business stems from a partnership with “his very good friend”, Lee Greenwood, who immediately saw the benefit of monetizing the businessman’s influence. Known to be close to conservative circles, this country singer is none other than the author of the song released in 1984, God Bless the USA, a title borrowed from the Bible proposed by the new associates. The work, however, is not a classic sacred book: temporal power invites itself into the spiritual. The Gospels are intertwined with the American Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Bill of Rights.

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Even more bizarre, the lyrics of the country king’s song were incorporated into the Bible “God Bless the USA”, which can only be purchased on ““. The website also offers “Make America Pray Again” caps. A nod to “MAGA” supporters (for Make America Great Again, campaign slogan used by Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential campaign and adopted by Donald Trump). A curious mix of genres, which could suggest that the commissions received by Donald Trump on sales would be used to fund his campaign accounts. But the sales site assures: “ is not political and has nothing to do with the electoral campaign.” Of which act.

Galvanize your electorate

The Bible God Bless the USA therefore does not finance the electoral campaign, but by promoting it, Donald Trump ensures the loyalty of his supporters: the American Catholic fringe, which represents almost a quarter of the national electorate, and thus constitutes a major breeding ground for the Republicans. In 2020, 81% of white evangelical Christians would have voted for Donald Trump in 2020, according to the AP polling company VoteCast.

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Thus, by showing himself in his video as the one and only defender of Christian America, he is on the campaign trail. When he revisits his mantra by transmuting it to “Make America Pray Again,” he is also on the campaign trail. Likewise when he twists the neck of “the establishment” – the eternal populist refrain which he has made his trademark – by encouraging the American people to trust only “in God and heaven”, never “in bureaucrats and in Washington. In short, for Trump, the benefits of this partnership are twofold: the presidential favorite encysted in no less than six legal cases could well see a cumulative gain of money and gain of voters.