The ex-girlfriend who made serious allegations against Unge says she lost her job because of the whole thing – “Sickly unfair”

A few days ago, a storm of indignation was unleashed against the German Twitch streamer Simon Unge. An ex-girlfriend of his, known as Rachel, accused Unge, among other things, of treating her cat so badly. Unge has since taken a career break. But Rachel now also seems to be suffering negative consequences because of the incident. She wrote on Twitter that she lost her job over the issue.

What were your accusations against Unge? Rachel had accused Unge:

  • Having treated her badly and made jokes at her expense, Unge introduced her as a “catalogue bride”.
  • Unge isolated her socially and tried to prevent her from having a relationship with her sister and her family in Germany.
  • In addition, his behavior towards her was very inconsistent, sometimes rejecting her and sometimes showering her with love.
  • Much of the criticism was directed at Unge’s treatment of her cat Tyga. Unge is said to have had a real feud with the cat and behaved incorrectly in many situations when dealing with him. There was even talk of him throwing a suitcase at the cat, shouting at him and taking away his opportunities to retreat.

    Ex-girlfriend makes serious allegations against Twitch streamer Unge – This is what he says about it

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    Unge admitted mistakes, called relationship “toxic on both sides”

    How does Unge react to this? Unge had initially made fun of some of the criticism and said that he was being portrayed completely incorrectly.

    Ultimately, however, he admitted to making mistakes and announced that he would be taking a break from his career. He said that although he did not agree with all of Rachel’s accusations, the relationship was toxic and he did not always “behave correctly.” However, he denied allegations that he had been violent towards the cat or Rachel.

    The relationship was toxic on both sides. He himself was emotionally dependent in the relationship.

    “Guess who is unemployed now?”

    This is what Rachel says now: In a post on Twitter, Rachel, who only has a small presence on social media, says that she lost her job because of the conflict with Unge. It shouldn’t actually be a reason for termination and there was no reason for the termination, but the conflict was the reason for her dismissal.

    How is this discussed? Many streamers known from Twitch express their solidarity with Rachel.

    Vick, who was also a central figure in the conflict surrounding Unge, says: “This is just sickly unfair. I hope you find something new and better soon.”

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    Shurjoka comments sarcastically: This is probably one of those cases where a woman dared to speak out about injustice in order to push her career.

    Opinion bloggers like AlphaKevin react with incomprehension.

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