The euthanized frog could have lived at Skansen

Then green frog ended up in a bag of baby spinach in Västerbotten and was then euthanized.
According to the Swedish Agricultural Agency, too little is known about the frog for anyone to be able to take care of it – but “Skansen-Jonas” is of a different opinion.
– Of course we could have, he says.

The frog got a lot of attention when it appeared in the middle of the baby spinach at Izabell’s house in Umeå. Now it has been euthanized.

Skansen-Jonas critical

Jonas Wahlström, CEO of Skansen-Akvariet, is critical of how the decision has been made.

– It came in a salad bag, so most likely it came from another EU country, he says.

According to him, the small tree frog is not protected, which means that anyone can, in theory, bring one home to Sweden. And for the frog, a future at Skansen would have been entirely possible, he says.

In another email The evening paper writes Jenny Lejonberg at the Swedish Agricultural Agency that they “know too little about the frog’s origins” for it to be released into the wild or kept in captivity.

“Make it easy for yourself”

Jonas Wahlström believes that euthanasia decisions are often made far too quickly.

– Authorities make it a little easy for themselves these days. And often it is because no one wants to take responsibility, he says.

After the frog was discovered, it was taken care of by a frog expert. But then the tours began.

– It’s the County Administrative Board up in Norrland, then it has to go to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Agricultural Agency. What is easiest for these authorities? Euthanize, and the matter is settled, says Jonas Wahlström.

TV4 Nyheterna has applied for the Swedish Board of Agriculture.