The EU’s foreign ministers agreed on the preparation of new sanctions against Russia and an increase in arms aid

The EUs foreign ministers agreed on the preparation of new

EU foreign ministers have agreed to start preparing new sanctions against Russia.

EU foreign policy representative Joseph Borrell told about it in New York after the meeting held in connection with the UN General Assembly.

The new sanctions target both key economic sectors and individuals.

EU foreign ministers also agreed to increase arms aid to Ukraine. Borrell did not elaborate on what kind of weaponry it is.

The foreign ministers held an emergency meeting after the Russian president Vladimir Putin announced a partial business launch yesterday.

According to Borrell, Putin’s announcement yesterday about the partial implementation of the movement and the organization of fake referendums, as well as the threat of nuclear weapons, indicate panic and despair.

– It is clear that Putin is trying to destroy Ukraine, Borrell said in New York.

Before the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba told the EU foreign ministers about the situation.

The new sanctions package will possibly be approved at the next official meeting of foreign ministers in mid-October.

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