The EU magazine – about the economic crisis, the Ukraine war and Brexit

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

09.00 The hidden discrimination
Every fifth graduate with a foreign background feels that they are subjected to discrimination at work, but only half choose to act. It shows a new report that is presented and discussed. Organizer: Akavia. From 7/2.

10.00 The confidence barometer
The Media Academy presents its annual survey on trust in social institutions, parties, individual companies and the media. From 7/3.

11.00 EU magazine – about the economic crisis, the Ukraine war and Brexit LIVE
This week’s debates in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg and other current EU issues are commented on and analyzed. Program manager: Niklas Svensson.

12.00 Report

12.03 Debate before decisions – on military issues and care for the elderly LIVE
The Riksdag debates the committee’s proposals before the afternoon’s vote.

14.00 The Riksdag’s Question Time LIVE
Ministers Ebba Busch (KD), Pål Jonson (M), Erik Slottner (KD) and Paulina Brandberg (L) answer the members of parliament’s questions directly in the chamber.

16.00 Report

16.05 Happened today

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