The end of the Amazon hit is now certain

The end of the Amazon hit is now certain

The wait will soon be over and the fourth season of The Boys will officially be released on Amazon Prime Video. But before that happens, less happy news reaches us from the crazy superhero world of Homelander and Co. Because series creator Eric Kripke once again came up with the future of the action blockbuster to speak. And this time the statements are as disappointing as they are final.

It’s official: The Boys will end with season 5

Four years ago, Kripke had already shared on Twitter that The Boys on “a total of 5 seasons are planned”. Just last week, however, the series creator gave his fans great hope when he made mysterious and vague statements that hinted at a bigger future for the hit series. Kripke explained in an interview with Inverse: “I’ve learned since then that you shouldn’t try to predict the number of seasons.”

On Twitter, the series creator finally made his decision. Kripke officially announced that The Boys with a 5th season will end:

The premiere week of The Boys Season 4 is a good time to announce: Season 5 will be the final season! That was always my plan, I just had to hold off on it until I got the final OK from Vought. I’m really excited the story to a bloody, epic, wet climax Watch Season 4 in 2 days because the end has begun!

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When is The Boys Season 4 coming to Amazon?

The 4th season of The Boys starts on June 13, 2024 on Amazon Prime Video with a streaming subscription. To start with, there are 3 episodes at once. After that, the next episodes will follow every Thursday on a weekly basis.

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