The electoral authority on failed personal checks: This is what the electoral law says

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Vote counters for Västra Götaland tell SVT that personal votes were rejected, even though it was possible to see which candidate was crossed. The electoral authority does not want to put its foot down clearly as to whether Västra Götaland’s interpretation that a cross that goes outside another square should not belong to the candidate.

– The electoral authority’s role is not to assess individual ballots. We do not have that mandate, it is the responsibility of the county administrative boards, says lawyer Anna Blomberg.

Electoral Act: Clearly who is meant

The electoral authority’s role is to produce guiding documents that the country’s various county administrations can use when they count the votes. It appears from the electoral law that it must be clear who is meant by the cross. According to Blomberg, the Electoral Authority has not expressed itself in detail about the fact that a person’s cross that goes into another box should be rejected.

– What the electoral law says is that if it is unclear who is meant, or if there are crosses in several boxes, then the rule that you must ignore it applies, says Anna Blomberg.

The vote then does not go to the candidate, but to the party to which the candidate belongs.