The election issues that engage in Finland

The election issues that engage in Finland

Published: Just now

full screen Riika Purra from Sannfinländarna, Sanna Marin from Social Democrats and Petteri Orpo from Samlingspartiet in MTV’s party leader debate. Photo: Markku Ulander/AP/TT

The economy, immigration and the climate. Three topics that have dominated the debate ahead of Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Finland.

The economy

The state of the Finnish economy has been one of the absolute main issues of the election – and the size of the country’s national debt a popular topic in both voter barometers and party leader debates.

The coalition party, in opposition, has presented a package of proposed measures to reduce the national debt by six billion euros over an eight-year period. At the same time, they want to lower the tax on labour.

The governing Social Democrats do not believe that you need to save in the same way and open instead of tax increases.


The immigration

Finland has for many years had a very strict immigration policy.

In the campaign of the opposition party True Finns, Sweden is portrayed as a terrible example – and the party invited Jimmie Åkesson (SD) to convey the message that Finns should vote for the party in order not to end up in the same situation.

The Samlingsparty is instead labor immigration – just like the Social Democrats.


The climate

Even on the climate issue, the nationalist True Finns stand out compared to other parties, as it is considered that Finland’s goal of being climate neutral by 2035 is too ambitious.

The Samlingspartiet and the Social Democrats do not agree at all, and instead want to see continued investment in the climate.

The true Finns also want to lower the tax on petrol, unlike the Coalition Party and the ruling Social Democrats.