The elderly were cheated out of millions – three are in custody: “Satanicly talented”

Eskilstuna district court has today detained three people on probable cause suspected of gross fraud against over 1,200 elderly people – with a crime profit of tens of millions of kroner.
– I always think it’s terrible when you’re old. They are more vulnerable than other people, says Anton Larsson Forsberg, district attorney.

Over 1,200 people have been affected by the fraud and are thus plaintiffs in the case.

The detainees are two men in their 20s and a woman in their 30s who were arrested earlier this week. Another man in his 20s is suspected and detained in his absence – he was arrested in Portugal on Monday and is to be handed over to Sweden.

Cheated by text message

The plaintiffs are elderly people who have been tricked by text message that they should have ordered a product from a well-known Swedish company and if they have not, they should call a certain phone number.

– These plaintiffs get worried, call this number and instead of coming to this company, they are instead connected to a fraudster who claims to be in customer service for this company, according to Anton Larsson Forsberg.

This customer service person then further connects the plaintiff to someone who claims to be from the plaintiff’s bank, for example – that’s where the fraud takes place, according to Larsson Forssberg.

– According to the police, we are up to tens of millions in criminal profits now, he says.

The frauds are suspected to have emanated from different places, both in Sweden and abroad – and more people are suspected of being involved.

The prosecutor assesses that the state of evidence is good, but it is still too early to say whether the crime victims will get their money back.

– I always think it’s terrible when you’re old. They are more vulnerable than other people.

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The prosecutor on the phone scams: “Tens of millions that they got into”

“Satanically talented”

Curre Hansson, chairman of the Pensioners’ National Organization (PRO), welcomes the announcement of the detention.

– Finally. Fingers crossed that the police have found some way to catch the crooks.
They are worth it.

– They are also satanically talented.

According to him, many elderly people fall victim to the fraudsters – yet there are many who do not report it.

– Those who are affected feel such feelings of shame that many people never tell. They hold the color in front of their friends, acquaintances and relatives and children and grandchildren.