The drawer under the oven is not just for storing dishes – here is its real use

The drawer under the oven is not just for storing

If you have a drawer under your oven, did you know that it could have a use other than storing dishes or other utensils? We’ll explain it to you.

You may have noticed that large drawer located under your oven. Did you think it was there to store your gratin dishes and pot holders? In some cases, this drawer is indeed a storage drawer. It is also very practical because we often lack space in the kitchen to store large dishes that go in the oven. But this drawer, on certain oven models, can also often have another really practical, unsuspected function, which is not that of storage! It’s a true extension of your oven that could allow you to cook like a pro.

But what is the real role of this drawer under the oven?

It has a food warming function. Rather than leaving your dish in the oven to keep it warm and risking overcooking it and it drying out, put it in this drawer as soon as cooking is finished, while waiting to eat. How to go about it? It is very simple. Once your dish is cooked, turn off the oven. Take out your dish and slide it into the drawer located under the oven. Close the drawer. Your meal will be maintained at temperature without continuing to cook while you start eating. You will finally be able to enjoy your hot dishes! The advantages of this drawer are numerous:

  • It keeps dishes warm;
  • It prevents food from drying out;
  • It controls the circulating humidity;
  • It keeps the flavor of the dish;
  • It saves you electricity.

Please note, not all oven models have this drawer

How do you know if your oven is equipped with this warming drawer? Good news if you have a gas stove or a stove, you are equipped with an oven with a warming drawer. On the other hand, if you have a built-in oven or a steam oven, you either have no drawer at all or a simple storage drawer. To find out if your oven is equipped with one, a good way is to look at the color. Very often, the warming drawer will be the same color as the appliance. Be careful not to confuse warming drawer and storage drawer!