the draw for Wednesday February 14, 2024 [EN LIGNE]

the draw for Wednesday February 14 2024 EN LIGNE

LOTTO. For Valentine’s Day, the FDJ declared its love to the participants of the Loto draw. Ten million euros were therefore at stake. Here are finally the results of the day!

Like every year, La Française des jeux pulled out all the stops for Valentine’s Day. Ten million euros were on the table this February 14, 2024. Enough to treat yourself to a restaurant worthy of the name as a couple in the event of victory, or buy hundreds of bouquets of 100 roses for your lover, or just for… yourself, after all! But it won’t be for tonight, unfortunately. The Loto draw has delivered its verdict: no winner. At least, no winner of rank 1. Because three grids were checked with the five correct numbers, only the Chance number was not correct. Their owners thus win the tidy sum of 98,231.40 euros each. Here are all of today’s results:

Draw of 02/14/2024

  • 3 – 15 – 28 – 36 – 46 Chance: 2
  • Joker+ 9 390 631
  • 2nd draw option: 18 – 32 – 36 – 47 – 48
  • 10 winning codes: A 8183 0312 – I 3040 8694 – I 3995 9577 – I 5309 2693 – L 4403 4135 – M 2879 6053 – R 0836 6077 – S 8374 9152 – T 8304 4046 – W 5806 42 87

While after this Loto draw no exceptional draw was in sight, we now know that, in the absence of a winner this Wednesday evening, 11 million euros will be at stake on Saturday. And if the players again don’t have enough luck to find the right results, the jackpot could then continue to grow, grow, grow until infinity! Even if, in reality, there is always a lucky guy who ends up finding the right winning combination and winning the jackpot. The largest prize pool ever won to date amounts to 30 million euros. So there is still a little margin…