the draw for Tuesday April 9, 2024 [EN LIGNE]

the draw on Tuesday April 9 82 million euros at

EUROMILLIONS. 82 million euros were put into play by the FDJ this Tuesday April 9 during the Euromillions. Find the results right here without further delay.

This Tuesday, April 9, La Française des Jeux offered you the chance to win 82 million euros! Was there a winner? Did you win the jackpot? Unfortunately, no one won the Jackpot. But five people won 143,308.70 euros, including one person in France! Find the draw without further delay.

Draw of 04/09/2024

  • 19 – 23 – 26 – 27 – 46 Stars: 2 – 10
  • MyMillion: AR 193 8181

But what can you buy with 82 million euros? No less than 280 luxury sports cars or 82 golf courses or even 11,000 kilograms of caviar, if you have luxury tastes.

1 in 139 chance of winning the jackpot

At Euromillions, you have a 1 in 139 million chance of winning the jackpot. If the chances of becoming very rich are quite low, the average amount of the jackpot is dizzying: with 5 correct numbers and the 2 correct star numbers, it is around 49,300,000 euros. With one less star number, the average win collapses and rises to 470,300 euros, with 1 chance in nearly 6.9 million of winning… The player having found 5 correct numbers, but no number star wins 80,000 euros on average, but only has a one in 3 million chance of winning. With only 4 correct numbers and 2 star numbers, the average win is only 4,800 euros (one chance in 621,000). You need at least 2 good numbers or one good number (one chance in 22) and two star numbers (one chance in 50) to obtain a win, but this does not exceed a few euros on average.

The FDJ has 23,000 “drawing” points of sale in France. When you go to a tobacconist, pick up a game slip. You then have several grids in front of you. You can complete one or more. The minimum bet is 2.5 euros for 1 Euro Millions simple grid + 1 My Million code per draw.