the draw for Saturday September 16, 2023 [EN LIGNE]

the draw for Saturday September 16 2023 EN LIGNE

LOTTO RESULTS. The jackpot of 18 million euros at stake during the Loto draw this Saturday, September 16, 2023, has been won! Discover the Loto results on our page.

[Mis à jour le 16 septembre à 21h14] The jackpot of 18 million euros put into play by Française des Jeux was won for the Loto draw on Saturday September 16, 2023. A player therefore found the five winning numbers, as well as the lucky number. With this sum, it is possible to buy 313 gold bars of 1 kg (at a price of 57,330 euros per kg). This jackpot also corresponds to the price of the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, one of the most expensive cars in the world. Ten winners worth 20,000 euros were also drawn on Saturday September 16 for the Loto draw. Check out the Lotto results to see if you found any winning numbers.

Draw of 09/16/2023

  • 15 – 32 – 40 – 42 – 43 Chance: 4
  • Joker+8,936,042
  • 2nd draw option: 3 – 8 – 27 – 48 – 49
  • 10 winning codes: B 1426 9741 – B 8054 1167 – H 1664 0651 – L 2303 4530 – N 1080 8402 – O 0970 4863 – P 0036 7730 – R 3518 3462 – S 9802 5114 – U 6258 8386

To try to win the jackpot, you first had to participate in the draw. It could not be easier. All you have to do is go to a tobacconist and buy a grid. You must then choose six numbers: the first five are between 1 and 49. The last, the lucky number, must be selected between 1 and 10. The jackpot is won only if you check the six correct numbers and no one is there. no one else plays the same. It is also possible to play online, on the Internet or with the FDJ application. However, you must be of legal age to play the Loto or a gambling game. To win, you will have to try multiple times, since the probability of winning the jackpot is one in 19,068,840.

Fast Flash, MultiChances, multiple grids, Joker +… La Française des jeux offers you several options to maximize your chances of becoming the lucky winner of the Loto, or at least allowing you to win a nice sum. Thus, with the “second draw” option, you can replay the numbers in a grid, excluding the lucky number, at each Loto draw. It costs 80 cents more than a classic ticket, but allows you to try your luck another time. You can play Loto on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.