the draw for Friday, September 23, 2022 [EN LIGNE]

the draw for Friday September 23 2022 194 million euros

EUROMILLION RESULTS. Sensational draw this Friday, September 23, 2022! The FDJ offered a prize pool of … 194 million euros. The results can be found further down this page.

[Mis à jour le 23 septembre 2022 à 21h38] The Euromillions result you’ve been waiting for is finally available! With a jackpot of 194 million euros, the best thing is to sit down to discover the winning results for this Friday, September 23, 2022. For bad players, keep in mind that your prowess in a Euromillions draw depend more on your karma than on your ingenuity or hidden talents, whatever they may be. And if the first digits are not the right ones, draw on the energy within you that will allow you to read the winning combination to the end, because you never know, maybe you will still have a few digits in common with the result of the Euromillions of the day.

Draw of 09/23/2022

  • 14 – 15 – 22 – 35 – 48 Stars: 3 – 8
  • MyMillion: HI 522 2752

Next Euromillions draw, Tuesday! How to play ? Nothing’s easier. All you have to do is go to an FDJ point of sale and tick five numbers from the 50 offered on the Euromillions grid and two star numbers from the 12 available. For 2.50 euros, then validate your grid so that it is taken into account for the evening draw. The hardest part will be waiting for the result of the Euromillions and possibly learning how to manage so much money if you ever become the chosen one! Note that it is also possible to try your luck on the FDJ site from your couch. Similarly, if you must tick at least five digits and two star numbers to form a combination, nothing requires you to tick only five and two.

Indeed, some players, to maximize their chance of winning the Euromillions draw prize pool, do not hesitate to tick more numbers and star numbers. Be careful however, the price is not the same if you tick one more number or an additional star number. For a sixth digit, you will have to pay your grid 15 euros instead of 2.50 euros. For an additional star number it will be 7.50 euros. The more digits you add, the higher the price of the grid. It goes without saying, however, that it is not possible to mark the entire grid. At most, you can tick 10 numbers and three star numbers. The Euromillions grid will be sold to you for 630 euros. Or six digits and the 12 star numbers. Purchase amount: 990 euros. Keep in mind that with all this, if your chances clearly increase, your success is not guaranteed.